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Bernie Sanders Gaining Momentum With Nationwide Grassroots Support

This Wednesday, July 29th there will be hundreds of grassroots events on the west coast, with thousands across the country (1500+ and counting as of this publication date).

Is it enough to make a difference? The Hillary Clinton campaign is continually stating that they are not fearful of the campaign. But the events across several states have had large crowds:

Phoenix: 11,000
Houston: 6,000
Dallas: 5 – 8,000
New Orleans: 4,000
Denver: 5,000

Policy.Mic explains how impressive all of these large crowds are.  On a chart are the largest crowds for all of the other candidates. It has been reported that some of those attending the Trump events are paid to be there. This has not been confirmed as of this time, however.

Further differentiating the Sanders campaign from traditional campaigns is that the Sanders campaign will largely rely on grass roots efforts with minimal to no “hands on involvement.”  It is largely up to the volunteers to do what they want! There will be administrative support, such as a search function on the main website and some online training, but that’s it! This is an extremely “lean” model; will it be enough to pull off an upset against entrenched campaign machinery with tens to hundreds of millions of dollars? Time will tell…

From an interview with the Washington Post, Bernie Sanders has said:
(see here for full WP article)

“What we are trying, as part of creating a political revolution, is creating a grass-roots movement of millions and millions of people,” Sanders said. “On July 29 of this month, we will be holding what we believe will be the largest digital organizing event in the history of this country.

“We hope to have tens of thousands of people coming together to determine how they can develop movements in their local community,” he said.

“This campaign is not simply about electing me, I hope we accomplish that, but that ain’t the most important thing,” Sanders said. “The most important thing is building a political movement in which millions of people who have given up on the political process, including a lot of young people, get involved?”

If you are interested in finding out where an event is, please search here.
Note that many of these events have already been filled to capacity/over capacity already.

We are not supporting any candidate officially yet, but it is great to see grass roots support and a candidate that seems to speak his mind so freely over such a long period of time and seems to hold to his positions for decades without resorting to polls to decide how he/she will vote.