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Former Mercury News HQ Deemed Not Historic by San Jose City Council

San Jose Continues it’s Desires to Expedite Growth at the Expense of Character

It is appropriate that the building that stood for the exodus from downtown San Jose and the vast urban sprawl that has left San Jose with a dismal tax base would get no respect from San Jose leaders. Most of the San Jose leadership still does not understand how to get companies and most individuals to want to live, work and play. They take a “laissez faire” attitude toward this and “lead from behind.”

In the end, the San Jose City Council on June 9th stated their attempt to get some concessions that PAC*SJ has asked for and to expedite the destruction of the building to build three new bland warehouses.

“My own personal opinion is that it wouldn’t warrant a historical landmark,” Peralez said. “We have the potential for some very good economic growth.”