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Jeffrey Cristina: Lazy Minimum Wage Workers Don’t Deserve a Raise

Campbell City Council – Nov 1, 2016

At Tuesday evening’s meeting, Campbell City Council member Jeffrey Cristina described minimum wage workers as mostly lazy teenagers who are paid minimum wage because they won’t bother to put forth the effort to “better” themselves and become doctors or lawyers.

Four local business owners spoke at the meeting against a proposed minimum wage ordinance that would raise Campbell’s minimum wage to $15/hour by 2019, including one business owner for whom it wouldn’t even apply because she employs fewer than 25 workers. Three public members, including Wendy Ho of the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits, spoke in support of the minimum wage hike. Campbell’s Chamber of Commerce attacked the proposal as bad for businesses and workers in a blog post earlier this week.

Jeffrey Cristina is so opposed to the proposal – made by Campbell’s Deputy City Manager Alfred Bito on Tuesday evening to the City Council, and endorsed by the Cities Association of Santa Clara County – that he voted against the City Council even discussing it again in December.

“I am without question open to voting against this, and it would be great if you could join me,” said Cristina to his council colleagues of the $15 by 2019 proposal. Cristina is clearly no friend of Working People.

Rather than rejecting the minimum wage proposal as Cristina sought, the four other Campbell City Council members voted to review it again on December 6. Proponents hope that at least of the three council members who spoke unfavorably of the minimum wage hike at Tuesday’s meeting (Michael Kotowski, Paul Resnikoff, or Jeffrey Cristina) can be persuaded to support the regional proposal by then.