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Prop 64 Inspires New Wave of Cannabis Bans

Dozens of cities in California are adopting so-called “emergency ordinances” to ban non-medical cannabis in case Proposition 64, which would decriminalize some non-medical cannabis use by adults over 21 years, is approved by voters on November 8. Written to enable the corporate takeover of the state’s cannabis industry for profit rather than for patients, Prop 64 is now encouraging another wave of paranoid bans on the cultivation and sale of cannabis.

Campbell exemplifies the absurd prohibitions that most cities in California have enacted, and that Prop 64 allows cities to continue. Campbell had already approved a “total ban” on medical cannabis that includes cultivation, processing, dispensaries, or delivery services except those rights that California state law explicitly gives to medical marijuana patients.

Cool shirt. Un-cool cannabis policies.
Cool shirt. Un-cool cannabis policies.

Rather than considering the negative impacts of any type of ban, Campbell’s City Council on Tuesday evening unanimously agreed to adopt an emergency ordinance (meaning it is effective immediately) to extend the city’s total ban to “non-medical” cannabis as well as “medical” cannabis just in case Prop 64 passes. Cities justify such bans with the creative phrase “maintaining local control over marijuana regulation” to convince clueless council members to vote for the bans.

Campbell is hardly alone with such paranoid, knee-jerk reactions to the good herb based on bullshit scare tactics by law enforcement and mainstream media. A wave of anti-cannabis bans similar to Campbell’s is sweeping the San Francisco Bay Area: San Jose, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Foster City, Hayward, Davis, Martinez, and other cities have extended bans to include “non-medical” cannabis if Prop 64 passes.

Mainstream news attacks don’t help. Last week the San Jose Mercury News doled out some more of their typical anti-weed propaganda, claiming that new strains of THC-rich cannabis can get you “dangerously high”. The newspaper says “the effects of a “cannabis overdose” are “non-lethal” but “frightening and miserable.”

City council members and other public officials who make our drug policies are trained by years of such propaganda backed up by law enforcement officials eager to maintain a racist war on drugs.