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Plan Bay Area 2040 Approved

After approximately two years of intensive planning the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) approved Plan Bay Area 2040.  MTC/ABAG conducted an ongoing effort to determine what the future needs will be for the nine county SF Bay Area with regards to growth between now and 2040. From transportation and housing to social justice, economic impacts, good movements and more this was an attempt to determine how to plan for this growth.

For the most part there were slight tweaks throughout the entire process. During this process there were some advocacy groups that kept attempting to create more equity.

The only controversy during the final votes came between MTC and the Mayor and several Brisbane City Council members. The former San Francisco dump and rail yards were incorporated into tiny Brisbane, which have seen extensive public outreach and review since at least 2006. MTC hopes Brisbane could put 4400 residential units on the 700 acres that will be developed. The issue is that the numbers MTC was using from the City of Brisbane was being contested by the Mayor and the City Council.

There is no requirement that these suggested numbers be followed. But it seems odd that MTC and ABAG were so insistent on using numbers as fact when a local municipality contested the MTC/ABAG story. MTC and ABAG stated that this is the largest brownfield development, so it will potentially be different than any other cities possible development with approximately 700 acres.

Most of the MTC and ABAG commissioners were pleased with the two year process. Now that a road map has been laid out the more difficult job of guiding faster and more equitable growth rests on 101 cities and nine counties elected leaders and their residents and businesses.