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49ers Attempt a Stadium Curfew “End Run!”

Wed, May 17

Once again the 49ers through their Stadium Management subsidiary are attempting to get extensions to the weeknight Stadium Curfew of 10:00 pm that was mandated in Measure J as well as the 2009 Draft EIR and the 2014 Final EIR.

They attempted to pay for extra minor costs as well as give $20,000 ($5k to four schools) for each of the four (4) times that Levi’s Stadium would go past their 10:00 pm curfew. The fact that the schools and the city are not under the same jurisdiction has not bothered the 49ers in their attempt to hijack the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park either. So this is a familiar playbook. Reach out to “the kids” in an attempt to curry favor with the City Council.

This is far less than what activists have been promoting to the Stadium Authority. They have suggested public meetings to determine how many events the Northside residents are willing to allow and for how long. Integral to this plan is that ALL costs for more emergency personnel, city staff and all transit agencies and other personnel should all be borne by ticket surcharges. Lastly that there are additional surcharges that are significant that can mitigate the Northside bearing the brunt of the longer events and the 1-3 hours of noise after these events. Activists have said that a $30-50k/per minute surcharge can be built into the ticket prices ahead of time ($3ok/min for first 30 min, $40k/min for 31-60 min, $50k/min for 61-75 minutes) It has been argued by activists that ALL events should be shut down no later than 11:15 pm and that the “house lights” immediately go on no later than 11:15 pm

For this Stadium Authority vote only two of the normally solid 49ers votes on the Santa Clara City Council voted for this motion, so it failed 5-2.

The SJ Mercury News reported how the upcoming Coldplay concert will likely “blow past” the curfew.
The biased cheerleading from the SJ Mercury News on all things related to the SF 49ers should be a bit disturbing and should lead to other journalists investigating what is behind the biased reporting.

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