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Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler Resigns

Former Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler.

After calling for a special meeting on Monday evening to impeach Mayor Jeff Wieler, the Piedmont City Council cancelled the meeting after Wieler resigned as Mayor on Sunday. He had recently posted racist and homophobic comments on Facebook.

According to resident Conna McCarthy, Wieler had posted that “Black Lives Matter encourage cop killing” and that transgender people are “mentally ill”. She reported that the Mayor called Democrats “the plantation slave masters of today”, and the left as “dangerous and un-American” and “intellectually bankrupt.” Wieler posted the comments along with articles from right-wing news sites.

“Mr. Wieler’s boorish and offensive online posts and the widespread publicity about them have caused him to utterly forfeit the respect of broad segments of the Piedmont community… and have sullied Piedmont’s reputation,” said City Council member Tim Rood.

“Some people hate Trump, but more people hate liberals,” posted Wieler. “The loonies of the resistance are worth a laugh, but not much more than that.” McCarthy also reported that Wieler refused to hold a moment of silence after the Charlottesville protests.

City Administrator Paul Benoit said Wieler’s offenses do not warrant removal from the city council according to the city charter. Wieler will remain on the council for the remainder of his term through the end of 2018.

“I apologize if, by posting articles from various magazines has offended anybody,” stated Wieler. “I realize that my continuing in the position [of Mayor] is no longer tenable for the City Council.”

Former Vice Mayor Bob McBain has become acting mayor.