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Las Vegas Shooting – Will We Ever Know the Real Story?











In Las Vegas, the scene was horrific. But something didn’t quite seem right.
Still days later there is not that much picture and video evidence. considering how many people have cell phones. Of course there is much confusion and panic. We should of course do all we can to reach out to those that are hurt or the families and friends of those who have been killed.

This is a massive tragedy, but it is interesting that these shootings get politicized within minutes or hours before anyone has made sense of the situation. This is part of the Rahm Emmanuel “Never let a crisis go to waste” in the 24-hour news cycle that we live in.

There are certain coincidences that happen at a lot of these mass shootings:
(many of these may be strange coincidences, but it does make the Internet explode with questions)

  • Quick, determination of the location and identity of the alleged perpetrator
  • Confusion coordinated narrative by Mainstream Media
  • Late night talk shows deliver the news in monologues
  • Inter-agency police drill nearby
  • An ad for actors/crisis actors ahead of the event
  • An incredibly large cache of weapons
  • Suspect that was found incredibly quickly is killed or commits suicide
  • Witnesses that have an amazing amount of information
  • Large number of casualties that may not always be verified fully.
  • Coordinated outrage on late night talk shows (a newer occurrence)













When will we find out what happened? We may likely end up with more questions than answers.
And most people can not believe that the official narrative told by the Mainstream Corporate Media and police is not totally accurate. Why would they not tell us the truth?

Another outcome over the many months of these mass shootings is legislation. In a separate article, we will discuss the connection between mass shootings and legislation. Many wonder why we keep having more and more shootings and they keep getting bigger. Still others want more stringent gun control while others argue for their Second Amendment rights.

This has been a tragic week in Las Vegas, there will be more time to analyze this later. But for now many in Las Vegas are donating blood and engaging in activities of support to help all of those injured and killed at yet another gruesome act of mass violence.