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SMCTA: $75 Million for Highways, $5 Million for Bikeways

“The wider the better” sums up SMCTA’s traffic management strategy.

In the past month, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) has issued calls for projects for both the agency’s Measure A Highway Program ($75 million) and Measure A Pedestrian and Bicycle Program ($5 million). Applications from cities in San Mateo County and the County itself are due on November 20 for the highway projects and on December 15 for pedestrian and bicycle projects.

Now both types of projects will require at least ten percent “matching funds”, meaning funds not sourced from SMCTA, but from other highway project funding sources or the applicant city’s own funds.

“Are there ways to reward jurisdictions that have aggressive [Transportation Demand Management] TDM strategies?” asked SMCTA Board member and Burlingame City Council member Emily Beach at the Board’s October 5 meeting. “No matter how much we build there will never be enough space on the highways.”

The $75 million for highway projects will likely be distributed among a few of those listed in the Measure A Highway Program Capital Improvement Program, also called “Measure A pipeline projects”, while the $5 million for pedestrian and bicycle projects will be awarded to the highest-ranking of those submitted. SMCTA also awarded $5 million to ped and bike projects in 2016 – over $9 million in projects had been submitted for consideration for funding.