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New South San Francisco Caltrain Station Finally Under Construction

California State Senator Jerry Hill (left) and South San Francisco Mayor Pradeep Gupta (right). Photo: Austin Walsh

Powerful public officials gush over the $59 million reconstruction of the South San Francisco Caltrain Station, hailing it a “win-win” and “a testament to the city’s perseverance.” A marvelous improvement it is, replacing today’s arduous and hazardous climb for people walking and bicycling up the Grand Avenue overpass to reach the station with a short jaunt down Grand Avenue directly into the pedestrian tunnel under a center-boarding platform. The tunnel will connect to both the west and east sides of Grand Avenue, a massive improvement in connectivity for pedestrian and bicyclists.

“This brings it all together,” said San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine of the project, according to the Daily Journal, which fails to mention that funding was received to rebuild the station over two and a half years ago.

According to Caltrain, the new South San Francisco station will be completed and open to the public in Summer 2019.