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Hopes For Rent Stabilization Dim in San Mateo


The re-election of San Mateo City Council incumbents Joe Goethals and Rick Bonilla and the election of Planning Commissioner Eric Rodriguez on Tuesday November 7 to the City Council marks yet another major setback for proponents of rent control in San Mateo. All three winning candidates previously professed opposition to capping annual rent increases, and Rodriguez benefited from major independent expenditures from the National Association of Realtors ($34,900) and the California Apartment Association ($18,000), both opposed to any form of rent stabilization.

Planning Commissioner Rodriguez nearly even bested popular Deputy Mayor Rick Bonilla, falling just 50 votes short of reaching second place. The three winning candidate also agree on other issues, such as the need to expand public transit networks and to raise wages for low-wage workers.

Joe Goethals – 5,037 votes
Rick Bonilla – 4,611 votes
Eric Rodriguez – 4,561 votes

not elected
Chelsea Bonini – 3,755 votes
Charlie Drechsler – 1,999 votes
Robert Newsom – 1,759 votes
Mark De Paula – 915 votes

Goethals, Bonilla, and Rodriguez will each serve four-year terms. Their city council colleagues Maureen Freschet and Diane Papan will be up for re-election in 2020.