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East Palo Alto State Of The City 2017

East Palo Alto Mayor Larry Moody. Photo: Veronica Weber

A proud East Palo Alto Mayor Larry Moody delivered an inspiring and hopeful State of the City Address tonight, Monday November 20, at the city’s Four Seasons hotel next to Highway 101, to a crowd of about 100 elected officials, city staff members, and residents.

“I feel proud to serve my community during this year of great progress,” said Moody. “We are a city on the move and we’ve done some courageous things.”

“In 2017 we have had no homicides in the community of East Palo Alto. Zero. None,” declared Moody triumphantly to loud applause. “It’s not the 90s anymore.”

The Mayor listed the city’s many accomplishments so far in 2017, including the construction of a wider and deeper San Francisquito Creek from Highway 101 to San Francisco Bay, preventing flooding in the city due to sea level rise for another 50 years, securing water rights from Mountain View and Palo Alto, opening the 41-unit Serenity Senior Apartments, opening a 1,300-job office building leased by Amazon, approving two other large office buildings, and finalizing the city’s Vista 2035 General Plan and updated Bicycle Transportation Plan.

“We still face a monumental challenge with affordable housing,” admitted Moody. “But East Palo Alto residents who are struggling to stay here have a city council that’s working their behalf.” The city did, however, evict about 50 residents of RVs parked on one block of Week Street last week, displacing them to other communities.