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Holly/101 Interchange Cost Up $4 Million To $25 Million

The future Highway 101 / Holly Street Interchange, with separate pedestrian bridge. Image: Caltrans

Reconstructing the four-ramp full cloverleaf interchange at Highway 101 and Holly Street in San Carlos into a safer and higher-capacity partial cloverleaf has just become $4 million more expensive, according to an updated project budget approved the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA)’s December 7 Board of Directors meeting. Cost estimates jumped from $15 million in 2015 to $17.5 million this year. On top of that an additional $1.5 million in supplemental contingency funds was approved.

Those costs don’t include the $7.5 million pedestrian bridge component of the project, which is fully funded from other sources. The partial cloverleaf and pedestrian over-crossing construction project will go out to bid as one project in January 2018, saving an estimated $1.5 million compared to constructing them as two projects at different times.

SMCTA refused to allow Measure A Highway Program funds to be spent on the pedestrian bridge component of the project in October 2015, when funds from the program were last distributed. Project applications for this year’s 2017 Measure Highway Program were due on November 20. Only six projects totaling $25 million were submitted for funding, despite the availability of $75 million for highway projects.