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Amy Farah Weiss for SF Mayor

People Powered Press proudly endorses Amy Farah Weiss for San Francisco Mayor.

We’ve been big fans of Amy Farah Weiss since she ran for Mayor of San Francisco in 2015 and are astounded by her tireless and innovative efforts to advance the cause of equity in The City and beyond. Although San Francisco residents have until March to register to be candidates in the June 5, 2018 election, we’re confident that Weiss will remain the most competent candidate, given her commitment to housing the homeless and preventing evictions, and her support for “community-serving, sustainable, pro-worker jobs and industries.”

Although San Francisco’s Mayoral election is technically non-partisan, Weiss is running as a Democratic Socialist, the same political philosophy espoused by our hero Bernie Sanders. Weiss is exactly the leader we need in San Francisco to help build the best future we can! Weiss is truly in-touch with residents’ greatest needs and seeks to run a people-powered campaign for just $20,000 in total funds, all from small non-corporate donations.

We’re proud and lucky to endorse Amy Farah Weiss for Mayor. Think Twice – Vote Weiss!

Join the 2018 Mayoral candidate slate Facebook group Vote 1-2-3 for Equity and also vote for Jane Kim!

Read more about Weiss here in this December 15, 2017 article by “Broke-Ass” Stuart Schuffman, who also ran for Mayor with Weiss and Francisco Herrera on the Vote 1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee social justice slate in 2015.