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San Jose Waives $32 Million in Santana Row West Traffic Impact Fees

(courtesy The Registry SF)


For decades San Jose’s corrupted Redevelopment Agency as well as the Mayors, Council Members (City Managers smartly laid low out of sight as the graft continued unabated) and the senior San Jose staff kept giving away big money. Even after the San Jose Redevelopment Agency was dissolved this bad practice continued.

The same old pathetic excuse was that it was the only way to get development downtown. That is partly true but also true due to San Jose’s incompetence and zero creativity.

But assuming these decades old lies were actually true… we are talking about Santana Row West. Federal Realty will build that development even if they did not get $1 in giveaways as that is the hottest area of San Jose right now.

Downtown San Jose advocates have always pointed out that Valley Fair led to the decline of downtown. So what is this $32 million giveaway portend for downtown San Jose?

How gigantic are the corporate giveaways that San Jose leaders are going to give Google?
Will they continue their decades old pattern of the worst negotiations in the SF Bay Area?

And who will hold Mayor Sam Liccardo responsible for this 100% unnecessary corporate welfare to Federal Realty? NOBODY! Shady Sam and his minions have made sure that NOBODY of any significant political stature will run against him. They are being promised a clear path during the next election.

After all, we wouldn’t want to let San Jose’s Golden Boy not win a second Mayoral race and upset his future plans in California and national politics.

Prime example of how politics is so corrupted! Vote NO!

Lets’s hope this egregious corruption by San Jose leadership helps Santa Clara win in their court case charging that San Jose is not adequately addressing the traffic impacts around the Stevens Creek/Winchester/Hwy 280/Hwy 880 area.

Hat tip to The Left Hook for exposing this!