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San Jose Settles Lawsuits With Santa Clara

The City of San Jose settled a lawsuit with Santa Clara over the City Place project and with the countersuit from Santa Clara over the Santana Row West project in San Jose.

With the news from The Left Hook about San Jose waiving $32 Million in Traffic Impact Fees, it will be interesting to see if the City of San Jose can continue to waive $32 Million in Traffic Impact Fees from the Santana Row West project. This appears to be in violation of the legal settlement between the two cities.

Hat Tip to Santa Clara News and San Jose Inside for their reporting of this major settlement between the two cities that was essentially a “turf battle” according to people familiar with the issues.

This is a “win” for Santa Clara, but with the lack of great transportation components and far too little housing this will most likely end up exacerbating the jobs/housing imbalance in large to massive developments. Yet more lost opportunities.