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Dominic Caserta – Serial Sexual Predator?

For those that have followed the often explosive Santa Clara Councilmember Dominic Caserta it is not really surprising when someone accuses him of being a bully. The arrogance and slick talking City Councilmember that is one of the best of the regular Councilmembers that the 49ers can count on for support has been extremely arrogant and actively attacks anyone in the community with an opinion different than his.

What is even more shocking is that he may have been a “serial sexual predator” for at least 16 years at Santa Clara High School. The fact that the Santa Clara High School leadership, the Santa Clara Unified School District leadership and the City of Santa Clara leadership did not seem to act on any “warning signs” of a potential “Serial predator” in their midst, nor thoroughly investigate him is troubling indeed.


He also has taught at DeAnza and Foothill Colleges as well as San Jose State University. It is unclear if there are any students that have come forward to report and inappropriate conduct from him.

It is also clear that he has been verbally abusive publicly to others on the dais at City Council Meetings. This is especially true regarding Mayor Gillmor. He seems to go out of his way to attack the Santa Clara Mayor.

The news of the sexual harassment allegations that span more than a decade were brought to the fore by extensive reporting by respected San Jose Inside and Metro News journalist Jennifer Wadsorth.

Here is a list of some of the various reporting regarding this potential sexual harassment:


SJ Mercury News: “They Said It” Dominic Caserta’s support of the #MeToo Movement

“The #MeToo movement is authentic and powerful and courageous and I support it.”

— Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta, a Santa Clara County supervisor candidate.

A female former campaign aide has accused him of sexual harassment, and his leaked personnel file showed girls at the high school where he teaches had accused him of inappropriate behavior.


Reports from “The Fly” on San Jose Inside:

Wednesday, May 2: County Supe Candidate Walked Around in Just a Bath Towel, Former Campaign Staffer Says

Jennifer Wadsworth’s reports can be found here:

Tuesday, May 8: More Harassment Claims Surface Against Santa Clara County Supe Candidate Dominic Caserta

Wednesday, May 9: Dominic Caserta in Free Fall as Key Endorsers Back Out Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Thursday, May 10:
Friday, May 11: Police Look Into Misconduct Claims Against Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta


NBC Bay Area:

Wednesday, May 9: Santa Clara County Supervisor Candidate Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

Robert Handa/NBC Bay Area staff believe Caserta or simply repeat his “spin control?”

“On Wednesday, Caserta, also a high school teacher, responded to the allegations that involve students and a city staffer. He said he’s already been cleared of the allegations, which are being dredged up from the distant past.”

May 10/11: Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta Accused of Sexual Misconduct


Wednesday, May 9: Santa Clara County Supervisor Candidate Faces Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Friday, May 11: Santa Clara Councilman Faces Additional Harassment Allegations

SF Gate
Wednesday, May 9: Santa Clara County race roiled by sexual allegations


SJ Mercury News:
Tuesday, May 8: Santa Clara city attorney to look at options for removing or reprimanding Councilman Dominic Caserta amid sexual harassment allegations

Thursday, May 10: As sexual harassment allegations swirl, Santa Clara County supervisors race uncertain



Wednesday, May 9: Santa Clara City Councilmember Dominic Caserta accused of sex misconduct


Thursday, May 10:  Santa Clara city councilman says he’s not stepping down

Fresh News Now:
Wednesday, May 9: Dominic Caserta faces explosive new sexual harassment allegations