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Santa Clara City Council Member Dominic Caserta Resigns

Photograph courtesy Santa Clara County Democratic Club & East Bay Times
Dominic Caserta


Liar, bully, and corrupt sexual predator Dominic Caserta resigned in disgrace today from the Santa Clara City Council and suspended his campaign for Santa Clara County Supervisor after nine different women filed complaints of sexual harassment and assault by the former politician with the Santa Clara Police Department.

Caserta remains defiant in his resignation letter, where he blames everyone but himself for his downfall, and maintains that the dozens of young women and men who have accused him of sexual harassment are all liars.

“The allegations against me are false in every sense of the word,” claims Caserta, who absurdly portrays himself as the victim in his letter. “Political adversaries are motivated to discredit my candidacy, bury me politically and personally. This past week has been unbelievably excruciating.”

This is a classic example of a politician not taking responsibility and deflecting decades of misconduct, cynically taking the mantle of a martyr. Critics on social media who have observed Caserta for years even questioned whether he suffers from an undiagnosed malignant narcissistic personality disorder and should seek professional psychiatric treatment.

Caserta has taught civics and history at Santa Clara High School for nearly two decades. His pattern of rude and aggressive sexual behavior towards his own high school students – including minors – had been long-hidden by Santa Clara Unified School District officials until a district employee leaked his personnel file to the public in early May. San Jose Inside then published a bombshell account of the file, which shows that Caserta has been found guilty of sexually harassing his students by two separate district investigations, and was warned in writing in 2002 and again in 2009 to stop. Caserta ignored these warnings and continued his traumatic and sexually inappropriate behavior both in and outside of school.

Caserta sexually harassed two of his own County Supervisor campaign volunteers just weeks ago, then threatened his campaign manager, Ian Crueldad, after he quit and said he would report Caserta’s behavior to the police and media. “We’ll come after you,” Crueldad recounted Caserta saying to him.

“It was not casual touching, it was inappropriate, it was sexual, and it disgusted me,” said 19-year-old student Lydia Jungkind, a former Caserta for Supervisor campaign volunteer who he sexually assaulted. “He was touching my legs, my thighs, my hips. He was kissing me on the cheek. He made inappropriate sexual comments. We live in 2018 and I can’t believe that there are still guys like him that think they can get away with anything.”

Current and former students of Caserta’s at Santa Clara High School have confirmed the allegations. The victims were previously ignored by authorities and were bullied by Caserta to keep quiet.

“Caserta is degrading, misogynistic and disrespectful to his students and fellow teachers,” said a current Santa Clara High School senior who asked not to be named. “He bullies his student teacher and forces him to agree with his twisted comments in order to pass, and has accused students of being high or using drugs for no reason whatsoever. He makes passes at certain girls, and his intentions are disgustingly obvious. He spent a whole class taking about how women have used their bodies to trap successful men into tough situations, and showed us videos of Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to JFK and then ranting for 10 minutes afterwards about how hot her body was and how much sex they had. Another time he encouraged us to marry rich men if we wanted a future.”

Caserta has still not apologized to a single one of his victims for his behavior, and continues to deny his crimes, calling his victims “politically motivated” liars.

Going forward after the Santa Clara City Council accepted Dominic Caserta’s resignation on Tuesday evening, it now turns to the city police, the District Attorney and Santa Clara Unified School District to take actions. Administrators at De Anza/Foothill Community College and San Jose State University, where Caserta has also taught, will have to determine if he sexually harassed students at those institutions as well.

Caserta is still employed as a civics teacher at Santa Clara High School, although he has not shown up to teach classes for over a week.