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RM3 Win Forces a Potential Constitutional Challenge

“Relieve Traffic Now”
A better tagline that can not be proven or accomplished has rarely ever been used. (Measure B was similarly slimy)


RM3 Win (under 67%) is a Victory for Lies/Corporate Lobbyists & Defeat for Poor/Middle Class & Rule of Law

The marketing and poll driven “User Fee” that penalizes 500-600k daily bridge crossers appears to have passed the 50% threshold for passage. The problem is that this really should have been a tax that required more than 67% to pass. We anticipate a court challenge regarding this slight of hand.

But we also expect the State of California to continue exerting pressure on judges to approve these mega projects. California’s recent history suggest that no matter the challenge that California judges will bend like pretzels to ensure the avalanche of regressive taxes comes into the Metropolitan Transportation to be doled out to local transit agencies that have a history of questionable practices.


Update: It appears that RM3 passed with an average of 57% of the vote, with the strongest votes coming from San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties. The fact that most people in Santa Clara County will never pay these higher Bridge Tolls (Taxes) was clearly part of the strategy by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the Bay Area Council and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.