Susan Ellenberg Slingshots to Easy Primary Win in Santa Clara County D4 Supervisor Primary


Susan Ellenberg Crushes the Competition!

After months of campaigning and weeks of debates Susan Ellenberg pulled away from the rest of the field.

A few weeks after Dominic Caserta pulled out of the race, it appears that the race may have shifted.
It was reported that he was a front runner in the race, but there was no basis for this in fact.

The race always appeared to be the front runners of Susan Ellenberg and Don Rocha. Far behind them was Dominic Caserta and former San Jose CIty Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio.

At the debates all of the candidates sounded somewhat similar but clearly Susan Ellenberg was winning the “talking points” as well as Pierluigi Oliverio making excellent points, but in a different manner. Oliverio carved out/staked out a place clearly to the right of all of the other candidates.

While it appears that Oliverio was far down in the polls, he was the most likely candidate that male Republican voters would support. It is unclear how many men and women voted for either candidate. But clearly even though there are more Democratic voters, there were so many candidates that the votes were clearly split amongst many candidates which allowed Oliverio to cruise into second place barely above Rocha. But it is so close that the automatic recount will most likely be started by the Registrar of Voters. The odds of the thousands of provisional ballots changing the ranking between the two candidates is not highly likely but very possible as there are only about 125 votes difference among a few thousand votes yet to count. The differences at this point are usually incremental in nature.

Potentially the Caserta bombshell have benefited the Ellenberg campaign. The current and former police that went against Caserta and grouped Oliverio into the same boat may have emboldened his supporters if they thought it was unfair.