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Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain – Suicides or Staged?


Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s Shocking Suicides Draw Skepticism

As the news of these two amazing people committed suicide, it shocked people to the core.
What could they have been going through ahead of such an act.

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were both speaking forcefully against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
So many wondered if there was foul play involved.

As far fetched as this sounds, the New York Attorney General reported that Harvey Weinstein had threatened to kill his employees and their families.

This is highly unlikely to have happened. Both have previously admitted to serious depression. And in Anthony Bourdain’s case significant drug use for many years and that he had kicked the heroin habit. Just because someone has been immensely successful in a career or materially does not prevent them from being depressed or committing suicide of course.

But there are eerie similarities people are pointing out between criticizing Harvey Weinstein as well at the Clintons. There have been almost fifty people that have been critical of the Clintons that have died mysteriously or in suspicious circumstances.


OR these could be straight forward suicides. But before you think these are ok, please realize that many Big Pharma products are suspected of causing the alarming rise in suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.