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Immigrant Kids Forcibly Separated From Family Along Mexico Border




There is incredible and justifiable anger with the Zero Tolerance/Family Separation Policy that was crafted by Stephen Miller and introduced as a new policy along the border with Mexico (and Canada presumably) to shocking affect. Perhaps as many as 2000 or more kids, including some infants, have been detained apart from their parents.

There have been many disturbing photos like the one above, but without the images of President Trump and former President Obama. People are outraged that President Trump would do this. But there is a problem with this narrative. These kids in cages, the pictures were during President Obama’s terms! Democrats were outraged by Trump but most were not expressing outrage regarding this practice during Obama’s two terms in office.

The key differences are that President Trump has initiated this to be a “zero tolerance” and is charging ALL adults with illegal entry and he is forcibly removing the child from the parent. President Trump is blaming the Democrats stating that is their law that was passed and created this horrible effect. But the facts are that there is NO law that mandates that adults must be arrested and kids must be detained, taken from their parent(s). There is wide discretion that can be used.

Trump’s repeated assertions are not just mere misrepresentations. These are “bald faced lies.” He knows it yet keeps repeating it. And many on Facebook are now accusing Democrats of being hypocrites because Trump says that kids were held during Obama’s terms too.