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Destroying Families: A Shameful Tradition of the USA Since Our Founding


Democrats are all aflutter with the justified outrage of TrumpCamps and splitting kids from their moms and parents. This certainly is a viciously egregious dealmaking by President Trump to use kids and families as pawns. It is heartless and most certainly against various international treaties. In fact, it may be under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

The fact that the “Zero Tolerance” and “Family Separation Policy” is so inflexible and the first tool used in the toolkit why so many people are upset. Republicans are right to point out that under President Obama there were certainly thousands of kids detained. The primary difference was that this was normally not the very first course of action plus at least there was some discretion used by the government.

But this time it is different.

But unfortunately in the history of the United States of America, there is a shameful history of separating kids from their families and even much of the social welfare programs have supposedly led to the breakdown of the families of the working class and the poor that depend on Federal and State subsidies.