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Refusing Service to Trump’s Minions May Save The USA


A small, well respected “Farm to Table” local restaurant in Lexington, VA had to make a quick decision.
Already served were a table of eight featuring the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Lexington, Virginia is not far from Washington, DC… but with all of the increased rhetoric, misrepresentations and lies coming daily from the President and the Press Secretary the owner and staff were stuck in an impossible situation. Do they as a staff continue to serve them or politely ask them to leave?

This did not happen in a vacuum. For weeks and months people online were talking about how those in power in the runup to NAZI Germany did nothing. It appears that since 9/11, the USA through President Bush and President Obama have made the USA more of a military/intelligence complex style police state. Yet Trump has doubled down on it and the recent horrendous “Zero Tolerance” and “Family Separation Policy” at the Mexico Border have seemed especially abhorrent.

At the center of all of this is the White House Press Secretary. So the owner asked the staff what they wanted to do. They voted to ask them to leave and the owner complied.

Perhaps shunning the key White House staff is the only way to get the message across that the actions of the current White House are not acceptable.
This is the third incident this week where White House staff was heckled or asked to leave dining establishments.