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Trump’s Chaos Is Purposeful Distraction


President Trump is fighting a battle to create not only a 24/7 “Reality Show” but to sow chaos and dischord at every turn so that the public and the news media can not focus on what is going on. Much less for social activists to rally their constituents to fight the major battles that count. So the very controversial stances are the ones that he is not intent on winning.

His other strategy is to “overshoot the mark” so drastically that by the time he “compromises” and scales back what he is expecting that he gets what he wanted in the first place. It is not necessarily a nice way to fight, but then Donald Trump has always been a scrappy fighter that has not been afraid to fight “dirty.”


So what is being forced through Congress while we’re distracted?

Clue: Gutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Reinstituting Pre-Existing Conditions.