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CRTV Propaganda is worse than Fox News?

The daily stream of well produced text and videos from CRTV came “out of the blue” in October 2016 and does not state who supports it. But it is  backed by Mark Levin that has long been a staple of far right wing political news and talk radio for approximately two decades. His claim to fame was working in the Reagan White House.

Mark Levin’s “Conservative Review” has in fact been one of the most consistent conservative voices in the political landscape. By and large they claim to be more fact based than Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

But this is really who is behind this… it’s interesting that on Facebook that they seem to hide that it is Mark Levin or even state that it is “Conservative Review” or even “conservative” at all.  They just roll right into the content.


It turns out that they have a whole stable of shows. They are in the “subscriber” model. This has got to be one of the most consistently conservative outlets to bypass the media as well as bypassing any pretense of unbiased content as well. Of course the mainstream media is not well balanced as well. Even though they pretend to be. Of course the “Fox News” mantra of “fair and balanced” is nothing more than an empty slogan anyways.