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Susan Ellenberg Far Ahead Winner of Santa Clara County Supervisor Primary

Susan Ellenberg has comfortably won the June 5 primary election for an open seat to represent District 4 (Santa Clara, Campbell, Southwest San Jose) on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, securing over one-third of 68,000+ voters that were cast for eight candidates. San Jose City Council member Don Rocha secured the second-place spot, outpacing rival council member Pierluigi Oliverio by just one percentage point and earning him the chance to face Ellenberg on the November 8 ballot. Between now and November there are a lot of votes that will be redistributed to these top-two finishers.

Rocha may very well have come in third place had fellow union loyalist Dominic Caserta not resigned as Santa Clara City Council member and ended his campaign for Supervisor on May 15 after reports of his long and shameful record of sexually harassing his own high school students became public.

A quick “vote redistribution” analysis would appear to favor Ellenberg by an even greater margin than her victory in the June primary would suggest, as the non-union vote should tend to lean Ellenberg’s way. It does not hurt that Ellenberg has been among the best debaters so far in this election.

The only catch is that it does not appear that Ellenberg’s experience is as straightforward as Rocha’s. And that her tenure on the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Directors was shockingly short. Granted Ellenberg quit to protest… but one wonders if that was a good bit of timing on her part as well.