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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Extensive Press and Political Reaction

The reaction to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset win has been fast. She has been getting extensive press time as it was not only an upset but it is an upset in New York City. Add to that the charisma and good looks the like of which remind us of Barack Obama. The media loves a “Celebrity” and especially in New York, the elevation to “celebrity status” is often quick. Of course along with this status comes a suite of issues to deal with including the fact that New York media seems to relish tearing down celebrities. So this will be a challenging time between now and November.

Then there is the fact that the Democratic Party leadership does not like voices different and outside of their corporate friendly tone and faux Progressivism. Interviews with Nancy Pelosi have already found the party leadership discounting this race and the person and stating that the party will not shift to the left. Pelosi also had the ludicrous quote of: “I’m a woman, I’m Progressive, what else do you want?”

On the Progressive side, some have already questioned whether she is for real or a faux Progressive peddled by the Democratic Party establishment to fool Progressives into thinking that she is “the real deal!”