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Australian Racist Offshoring Tactics Influencing Trump & Europe

For decades Australia has had one of the most stringent immigration policies in the world. One of the attributes of this was to only bring in skilled labor that the Australians needed in one of their industries. But it was also an immigration history that favored those from the Commonwealth, specifically white members of the British Commonwealth. This ebbed and flowed according to the economy and jobs.

Well before 9/11, Australia has had an immigration policy that was called by some to be draconian. In 2013 they “doubled down” on this approach. Over the last few years government officials have come to Europe and the United States to promote the Australian way of dealing with immigration. One of the best articles about Australia’s immigration policies is from Antony Loewenstein who states that  “In an age of refugee demonization, Australia was well ahead of the curve.”
His article in The Nation is entitled  Australia’s Brutal Refugee Policy Is Inspiring the Far Right in the EU and Beyond

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