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Families Belong Together

Thousands of protesters filled San Jose’s City Hall Plaza by noon today, even as temperatures topped 90 degrees F, demanding the abolishment of the federal proto-fascist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) police force that targets immigrants and now even American citizens for detainment and deportation.

Protesters also called for all the thousands of migrant families separated at the Mexico border in recent months to be reunited immediately, provided their Due Process Rights according to the U.S. Constitution and the 1949 Geneva Conventions, and condemned President Trump’s repugnant attacks on people fleeing violence and hunger in their homelands.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is among a handful of members of Congress who visited “migrant detention facilities” in Texas last week and confirmed that children are systematically taken from their parents and kept in cages. Refugees are being deported without their children in an increasing number of cases.

“We are living under an emerging dictatorship, an emerging tyranny, and most Americans are asleep at the wheel!” exclaimed Father Jon Pedigo to the assembled crowd. “Our job is to wake the people up! We don’t have to keep on repeating tyranny, and hatred, and racism!”

The “Families Belong Together” rally and march from City Hall Plaza to Cesar Chavez Park was one of over 700 similar events nationwide in protest of Trump’s unconstitutional, cruel, and unusual Family Separation Policy and other attacks on immigrants and women.

“Tearing apart families is part of our history,” shouted Ariana Vasquez, daughter of Mexican immigrants. “Slavery, segregation, holocaust. We are repeating this over and over again and it has to stop!”

“Families belong together, and the only one who belongs in a cage is Donald Trump!” concluded Vasquez to raucous applause.