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Protestors Occupy ICE in San Francisco

This afternoon hundreds of people blocked a locked vehicle gate and barricaded a building entrance at ICE headquarters in San Francisco in protest of President Trump’s cruel “no tolerance” immigration policies that criminalize refugees, most fleeing Drug War violence stoked by decades of brutal U.S. military intervention in Central America.

The protestors quickly assembled at 630 Sansome Street, where Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) maintains an “Enforcement and Removal Operations Field Office”, in an impromptu “flash mob” organized via social media, just days after police officers in riot gear removed protestors occupying a similar ICE facility in Portland, Oregon.

“We are standing against a system of border imperialism that makes arbitrary definitions of citizenship,” read a statement issued by the occupiers.

The protestors vowed to occupy the Sansome Street site “as long as it takes” to stop ICE from targeting local residents for deportation and from separating migrant families at the border. The ICE field office has seen larger protests in recent weeks, but an Occupy-style encampment was only established today.

photos by Steve Rhodes