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Why is #WalkAway Trending On Facebook and Twitter?

It is so obvious that this is an incredibly good and very well cooridinated plan to attempt to create a faux movement of people leaving the Democratic Party and becoming Republican. It is just all too slick and it is a great marketing device for this “wannabe actor” to get air time and to get a break in the modeling and acting career that he so desperately desires. This is all so well packaged and this “viral” momentum is apparently all staged to attempt to create momentum for real.  Here is a pic that shows how packaged this is, from the “fair and balanced” Fox News (cough, cough):


Brandon Straka has started the #WalkAway as well as the “Unsilent Minority” with a video.


According to one article, they claim the “Democrats are leaving the party in droves
In Epoch Times it is described as a movement after the actor James Woods tweeted #WalkAway. His video is shown here to have had over 1.75 million views.


His Twitter handle Brandon Straka (The Unsilent Minority) has been a runaway hit it seems. But why?
The answer is as stated above at the top. It appears to be a completely fabricated movement. A person that wants to be a model and actor is all too eager to exploit this chance to give himself the fifteen minutes of fame that he hopes can propel him to a career that he desires.
Kudos Brandon… but it’s all smoke and mirrors!