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Ed Schultz, Acclaimed Journalist/Political Commentator Passed Away at 64


During the 2015-2016 Presidential Campaign Ed Schultz covered Bernie Sanders when the mainstream media would not. This was not surprising as the would also talk about the TPP approximately 70 times while the mainstream media discussed if fewer than ten times!

It is refusing to abide by the MSNBC “gag order” to stop covering Bernie Sanders that got “Big Ed” fired from MSNBC.  He later landed at RT where he was given more latitude to discuss topics of his choice.

It should be noted that early in his career Ed was a sportscaster as well as a Talk show host. So Ed had a varied career since the 1980s. Unfortunately it seemed that his career was once again ascending at the time of his death in Washington, D.C.

Schultz’s death was announced on July 5, 2018. According to unconfirmed reports, he died of unspecified natural causes in Washington, D.C. where he was working for the Russian TV network RT. RT’s Editor in Chief Margarita Simonyan said, “We are devastated by the news of the sudden death of our brilliant anchor, one of the best TV journalists in America, Ed Schultz”.[50] (courtesy of Wikipedia)