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Trump Baby Balloon and 50-100k Protesters Expected in London Next Week


Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage thought this entire effort to create and fly a balloon insulting the sitting US President is extremely rude and disrespectful. And that it will make London look really bad in the world’s eyes. He feels that it’s one thing if the London Mayor Sadiq Khan does not like President Trump, but that he should do what makes London looks good and not open London up to worldwide ridicule.

We at People Powered Press think it is both appropriate and will bring world wide attention to the 50-100k people that will be in London to protest the visit of the US President that has done more to instill chaos and fear than any US President in modern history.

People Powered Press (PPP) would like to thank the Daily Mirror for it’s excellent coverage, pics and use of these wonderful pics.

Here is an approximate Itenary Map for Thursday, July 11 through Friday, July 12th:




Pictured below: The blimp behind organizers  Leo Murray (left) and Matt Bonner (right). They have crowdsourced the funds to create the balloon, to fly it over London and pay for the appropriate permits as well as tour the Trump Baby balloon around the world.