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Customs Agents Deleted Records

As anyone that has been admitted into a hospital knows, keeping track of patients and their overall and specific care is of the most importance. So the fact that the US government can not keep track of kids, families and know where everyone is immediately is mind numbing and so hard to believe.

This Business Insider article has also an interesting article about how there have been agents that deleted records. Not only is this a “head scratcher” but it would not only be illogical, but one wonders how this is not a violation of the Federal Record Keeping Acts.

So now the agencies are complaining about complying with the court order as the kids and the adults are kept in separate files that are NOT linked.  The agencies have been manually searching through up to 11,800 case files. If this is in fact true, it begs a few questions:

1) Who was allowed to delete these files? Why weren’t there safeguards to not allow this?
2) Were these deletions a logical reason or were they deleted on purpose to make it difficult/impossible to assist these kids?
3) Why weren’t each child and adult given a wristband with a unique identification number like people admitted to hospitals?
4) How will this be investigated and who will be responsible for these grave errors?
5) Whatever the determination is for these investigations, what will be the repercussions?
6) How quickly can we resolve this situation?
7) How can we make sure this does not happen again, going forward?


For now, the Trump administration is asking for more time to comply with the court orders and it’s two deadlines.