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“Deep State” Exposing Itself Via the RussiaGate Narrative?

Rainer Shea has an excellent article about hos the “Deep State” is
The article is called:  By Lying To Americans About Russia, The Deep State Has Exposed Itself

Rainer Shea is also suggesting that not only was this created by the intelligence community under President Obama but that they were also discrediting any of the “RussiaGate” critics that have asked key questions. The intelligence community then used the media to discredit those folks and to say that the “Deep State” doesn’t exist. The brazen mainstream media is not even subtle with their articles or the coordinated timing anymore.


Rainer also discusses the Domestic Security Action Council which is the agency’s desire to combine government influence deeply into the private sector. It is the “go between” between the government and the largest companies. It is the sharing of information that should get people worried!


Of course there are only a few dozen social activists attempting to be truth tellers against the mainstream media and the heavily bankrolled superPACs.  How can the truth win? It needs to be a grassrooots battle, but when most of the grassroots is believing the #RussiaGate and #TreasonSummit that have been orchestrated since 2015 it’s very difficult.