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RussiaGate Indictment and Narrative Rests on DNC Servers That the FBI Has Never Investigated

In what continues to boggle the mind the FBI is claiming to have information about DNC “Hacks” that may in fact be a “Leak” since the data was transmitted at too high of a speed to be sent over the network overseas at the time.  A former NSA employee/Whistle Blower Bill Binney has stated that the NSA has all of this information and can give it to the FBI. Binney is a member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

But just like in the 33k emails that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had on her server and the NSA had copies of….that a former NSA whistleblower has stated that

Jimmy Dore talks about it in this video: FBI Never Inspected DNC Server – Seriously!

It is based on the Poltico article.


Also amazing is that the CrowdStrike had access to the servers, up to 140 on the network. But the FBI is claiming that they never invesgigated the servers. Why? Can’t the FBI get a court warrant and investigate the servers? Can’t the FBI seek information from the NSA on what they might have?


The answer is YES and so the next question is obvious: Why isn’t the FBI doing all they can to engage in a proper investigation. Why is this a “sham investigation?” It is clear that there are more questions than answers. But it does look like the FBI case is more of a political exercise than any proper investigation that would seek the truth and to determine if any laws were broken. The timing of the indictments of 12 Russians ahead of the USA/Russia Summit in Helsinki are more than coincidental.