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Manufactured Hysteria: Calls of “Treason!” by MSM and Social Media That Is All Too Rapid

Shortly after President Trump and President Putin met for a few hours, their Press Conference elicited verbal fireworks across mainstream media and social media. Calls of “Treason” and the hashtag “#TreasonSummit” was all over the web and people were apoplectic and calling for Trump’s proverbial head as he was an agent of Putin.


Their secondary source for this anger were the 12 Russians that were charged in indictments from Robert Mueller. They said that this proved that Trump was beholden to Putin.

Watching the entire press conference was awkward and President Trump is never as linguisitically proficient as a President should be. He is the type of person that has a sledgehammer and uses it for all matter of tasks. It appears that he said that he both believed and yet not believed his own intelligence services. He also said that this is a process that will take time as well as mentioning how Putin categorically denied any involvement.






The press conference did have some minor fireworks. But it is clear that President Trump was deferential toward Putin, perhaps far too deferential.



An unspoken rule is that politicians are never critical of the United States when overseas. The basis of the agnst and anger is that Trump seemed to be negative about the US intelligence services and appeared to believe the Russian leader as much or more than our intelligence agencies. This is the key reason that so many thought he was being  treasonous.




What will tomorrow bring? Will the social media pages still be on fire with people attacking each other?
Is that division something that is by design by the intelligence services?