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MTC’s Director Steve Heminger Announces a 2019 Retirement

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is the SF Bay Area’s “Money Changer Agency” that is supposed to help determine the best use of Federal, state and regional funds. Instead it has been the most conservatively run agency that flies under the water while receiving a portion of the money that passes through their hands to ensure that the SF Bay Area’s transportation remains mired in mediocrity, incompetence, graft, corruption and almost universal lack of reasonable interoperability.


If there were any justice, instead of a “retirement” where MTC’s Steve Heminger can “double dip” while running another agency somewhere else there should be a thorough investigation to determine if there are any fraud charges for the gross negligence perpetrated on the California taxpayers.

From the enormous debacle that is the eastern span of the SF Bay Bridge to the fiasco of the Transbay Terminal to using Bay Area Transit Authority (BATA) to purchase their headquarters in San Francisco the investments have been dubious.

Instead of reigning in the incompetence at BART or stopping the “Induced Demand” of SF Bay Area counties and transportation agencies they are engaged in “business as usual.”  Engaging in a “hostile takeover” of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) was a continual effort to get more control and spread their control and “kick the can down the road” business model to capture another income stream for MTC.

This is really the business model of the MTC. It is not to solve problems. It is to continue incremental solutions to vast problems in order that they keep claiming to be working on the solutions so that they can capture a percentage of ever increasing tax dollars that will pass through their hands.

The San Jose Mercury News/East Bay Times had an excellent editorial entitled “Editorial: Good riddance to Bay Area’s transportation czar

On Dec. 24, 2014, the East Bay Times had an “Editorial: Metropolitan Transportation Commission should fire it’s chief prima donna director

From extensive travel expenses to reportedly hiding $30 million in cost overruns at their new HQ in SF, the “under the radar” Executive Director has largely been left alone by the media and the MTC Board of elected officials has always attempted to stay in the good graces of the MTC Director as they want to get money for “pet projects” for their constituents. So the theory of elected officials of being “watchdogs” over the MTC is pure fantasy as there are ongoing “conflicts of interests” since it is the MTC Director that leads the charge for funding federal, state and regional support for local transportation expenditures.