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Richmond, CA City Council Set to Hire East Palo Alto’s City Manager Tuesday Night

The City Council of Richmond, California is set to hire the current East Palo Alto City Manager Carlos Martinez. He will replace Bill Lindsay on November 1st as Bill has already announced his retirement. A vote on approving the $260k/year ($358k including benefits) is set to be voted on at Tuesday night’s (Aug. 7) city council meeting in Richmond.

The Richmond Standard has a very good article as does Palo Alto Online and KTVU Fox 2.

Carlos Martinez has been with the City of East Palo Alto since 2001 and was named Interim City Manager in February 2015 and became City Manager later in 2015. He was the Economic Development Manager prior to that for twelve years.

CNET had an August 31, 2015 article entitled

East Palo Alto: Life on the other side of Silicon Valley’s tracks

It had the subtitle of: Wedged between techie territories like Palo Alto and Menlo Park, this once down-and-out California town is trying to turn itself around while still keeping its identity. We paid a visit on Road Trip 2015

BizJournal wrote a cover feature article of East Palo Alto on April 22, 2016 entitled:

Spotlight on East Palo Alto: Can Silicon Valley’s poorest city finally open the growth spigot?